Innovation Challenge Ideas

North Dakota State University held an Innovation Challenge. This is where High School and College students compete against one another for a chance to make their ideas come to life.

This year the event was held virtually. Despite everything going on the event went smoothly with only one or two contestants having technical issues. Scott Meyer did a great job hosting and I liked the speech Sandy from Microsoft gave.

Two ideas that I really liked was the Barnes County 4-H group form the High School Level. Another candidate I liked was the girl that had weaved used, plastic bags together in order to make one bag that was much more durable.

However, My favorite idea came from my fellow classmate and his brother. Gabe and his brother had an idea that I think is very intelligent especially with the pandemic going on. Their idea was to create a pen pal service for older people to communicate amongst each other. As someone with grandparents that haven’t been able to see their families for the last 8 months, I think this would be something to help them get through this difficult time. I also believe this is something that could be used for people of all ages to find someone new to talk to.